Budget-friendly and built for all-day comfort, the SCOTT Crus-r Boa ® shoe is the perfect entry level shoe for any trail. It was made to be durable but still light and flexible enough to keep you comfortable. The Boa ® lacing system provides a comfortable, performance fit, and the Sticki rubber X-Traction outsole guarantees superior footing and good traction off the bike. 400gr

آدرس: تبریز-خیابان ارتش شمالی روبروی پاساژ بهارستان-پلاک۲۴

تلفن: +۹۸۴۱۳۵۵۴۸۸۱۶-۷

فاکس: +۹۸۴۱۳۵۵۶۷۰۲۸

کد پستی: ۵۱۳۳۸-۸۶۵۱۹

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